School Activities


Arts &Crafts club is open to students Kindergarten through 5th grade. The club focuses on creativity, learning knitting, sewing, model building, jewelry making, and having fun. Come share your talent and learn a new hobby!

The goal of the Fitness/Indoor Team Sports Club is to teach multiple fitness skills and techniques such as stretching, skipping rope, hula hooping and circuit training. Team sports like indoor soccer, basketball and floor hockey are also covered.

Korean culture classes emphasize the old and new Korean customs; students also learn useful Korean language and phrases to enrich their understanding of living in a foreign country.

Music club is open to students who wish to participate in music beyond the regular class time. Participants will explore a variety of choral music to help gain a better understanding of beat, rhythm, pitch, tone, and musicianship."

The National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) was established in 2008 with two primary purposes: First to recognize elementary students in the 4th and 5th grades who have achieved academic excellence and demonstrated responsibility in their lives. Sec...

OAES Student Council is a school organization comprised of 4th-5th graders, that helps introduce students to the structures of government. Our group includes elected officers and representatives, in which every member has certain responsibilities and...

Yearbook club members are responsible for creating the school's annual yearbook. Club members design layouts, get input from teachers, and take photographs of special events.  

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